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Special Characters

There are a few characters useful in technical writing that are not available on a standard keyboard. Word’s Insert->Special menu lets you add these to your document, but for the more common ones a faster way is to use the numeric keypad. Simply hold down the Alt key and type the four digit code from the table below. Note: you must type all four digits; don’t leave off the leading zero. This approach works in most Windows programs; not just Word.

Description Code Word Shortcut
Ellipsis 0133 Ctrl + Alt + period
n-dash 0150 Ctrl + minus on numeric keypad
m-dash 0151 Ctrl + Alt + minus on numeric keypad
Degree symbol 0176 Ctrl + @, Space
Plus/minus sign 0177
Superscript 1 0185
Superscript 2 0178
Superscript 3 0179
Multiplication 0215
Division 0247
Minus sign 2212, Alt + X
Registered Trademark 0174 Ctrl + Alt + R
Trademark 0153 Ctrl + Alt + T
Copyright 0169 Ctrl + Alt + C
Interrobang 203D, Alt + X