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Our technical report and simple document templates have been reworked for Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010. Together with the TechWriter Ribbon Tab, our TechWriter Templates bring together tools for technical writers using Microsoft Word.

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Technical Report Template

Technical Report Template
The Technical Report template contains a set of well structured styles and a title page

The Technical Report Template includes a title page with room for:

  • Title
  • Primary author
  • Contributing authors
  • Completion date
  • File path (populated automatically from document properties)
  • Summary
  • Context image (helpful for quickly identify reports)
  • Report series title

Most of these properties are linked to document properties and are reused throughout the document. The title, for example is reproduced automatically at the top of every even page while the completion date appears at the top of odd pages. All our templates include a comprehensive selection of styles so you can save time with formatting and focus on the content.

Simple Document Template

Styles in our templates are grouped so that changing body text doesn’t alter headings. A logical flow of styles (blue arrows) shifts automatically between styles for new paragraphs.

We call it the Simple Document Template because it doesn’t contain any boilerplate text, just an empty document with space to type a Title. And a full set of properly structured styles including:

  • Title and subtitle
  • Heading 1 through 9
  • Body text and body first styles for layouts that call for paragraphs which do not have the first line following headings indented
  • Picture and Caption
  • Table body and headers
  • Equation
  • Indented body text styles
  • Three levels of numbered and bulleted lists.

The template is setup for double sided printing with properly formatted headers and footers. Headers reference the document title while footers show the page number aligned with the outside margin.

We use this template for one-off documents that don’t need their own template. It could be a replacement for Word’s standard template (, but keeping it separate keeps things cleaner.

TechWriter Ribbon Tab

The TechWriter Ribbon Tab brings together the Word commands, and a few additional macros, most useful to technical writers into a single tab.

The TechWriter tab:

  • shows the style for the current paragraph, so you can easily check if the formatting is correct.
  • provides buttons to apply list styles, which are more robust than Word’s directly formatted lists
  • lets you insert frames and layout images quickly on the page
  • insert and quickly style tables
  • insert cross-references to figures, tables and captions that automatically update when the document is re-arranged.

TechWriter Template Installer

All the templates are packaged together into a setup program that will install them into Word’s template folder so you don’t need to rummage around through your profile directory. The installer will automatically let you know of updates to the templates. All updates are free.

How To Use

After installation simply open Microsoft Word, click on file, new, select my templates. A box will open, select the TechWriter tab and click on the template you want to use. To get the full benefits of our templates make sure you check out our list of shortcuts and maximize your productivity.

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How to use our templates once they are installed.

Purchase TechWriter Templates. Your purchase includes:

  • Technical report template
  • Simple document template
  • TechWriter ribbon tab
  • Personalized installer
  • Free updates of the templates for life.
  • 30 day money back guarantee. If you do not find the TechWriter templates useful, we will refund your full purchase price, no questions asked up to 30 days from your purchase.
Buy Technical Report Templates
Secure ordering
30 day money back guarantee