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Structured Styles

Microsoft Word lets you apply formatting using styles. Styles are collections of formatting that you can apply all together. Applying styles is:

  • faster than directly formatting the font, text-size, bold, turning on numbering, …
  • more reliable—since all the formatting is packaged together you don’t have to remember exactly what size second level headings should be
  • more robust—paragraphs numbered using styles don’t get messed up just before the project deadline.

Our TechWriter Templates include a comprehensive selection of styles for technical writers. They can be quickly applied using keyboard shortcuts, with the Quick Style button on the TechWriter Ribbon Tab, or Word’s standard style tools.

Its common to switch styles in new paragraphs. For example, just after typing a new section heading, you’ll switch to body text. Our templates are configured so this happens automatically. Hit Enter after typing a heading and Word will switch automatically to a body text style. Its the little things that make life easier.

Styles are grouped logically so that changing body text doesn’t alter headings. A logical flow of styles (blue arrows) shifts automatically between styles for new paragraphs.